Latent Culture

Full Stack AI for Visual Culture


We are artists, programmers, and researchers exploring the creative potential of generative systems and AI. Building deep neural networks for the real world, we embrace the AI-powered future of media production. Our proprietary systems represent the state-of-the-art in image synthesis and image translation technologies.

Our team is currently based at the University of Chicago and supported by Jason Salavon Studio.



Real-time Deepfakes for All Humanity.


faceØff app showcases our in-house deep learning architectures paired with our effective production pipeline. By blending multiple neural networks and objective functions using AI, our app transforms the user’s face in real-time. We pushed beyond generic masks commonly used in AR apps. faceØff completely reconstructs the user’s face by utilizing a model’s likeness resulting in a generated mask that is unique to each user.

faceØff enables users to transform their photos and videos by creating their own real-time deepfakes.



Create AI-powered curiosities from your photos and videos.


Genmo, short for Generative Mosaic, is an AI-powered iOS app that allows users to recreate photos and videos of their choice using an entirely separate set of images. Without using filters, the user’s original video/photo content is completely synthesized by our neural network.

This app utilizes our own deep neural network architecture, a hybridized generative adversarial network (GAN) combined with other neural network models. It’s fast and, unlike other popular AI-based image manipulation tools, we do not use a pre-trained classification network. Images and video are redrawn at near real-time speed from an arbitrarily chosen image set on-demand.

Homage in Between

This massive 2.5 acre projection-mapped video was commissioned by the Terra Foundation for the inauguration of the public art installation Art on theMART. Homage in Between , a six minute video of neural network rendered content at 6k resolution, explores image histories as continuous spaces.

This piece was projected on the south wall of theMart (formerly The Merchandise Mart) in downtown Chicago throughout the fall and winter of 2018.